DGC in the community: Competition for local secondary schools

DGC recently held its first ever competition for secondary schools to give older pupils an opportunity to compete. The Spires Academy in Canterbury and The Folkestone Academy took up the challenge and all the students from both schools did very well competing on floor and vault.  

A team of three year 7 girls from Spires Academy came first and each won gold medals and the brand new Dover Gym Club Schools Challenge Trophy.

Spires also entered a mixed team of girls from Years 7 and 8 who also came away with gold medals.
Two teams from The Folkestone Academy made up of seven girls and one boy, came in second and third place, with each student getting silver and bronze medals accordingly.

This secondary schools challenge was introduced as part of Dover Gym Club’s 40th anniversary celebrations and it is hoped it will become an annual event.

Club Director and Vice Chair Jon Green said: ‘We wanted to give secondary school pupils an opportunity to compete, and are really pleased that The Folkestone Academy and Spires Academy accepted the challenge.’

‘Even though it was a fairly small competition, it is never easy competing in front of other people, but all the students did very well and showed great sportsmanship.’

Any schools interested in gymnastics competition opportunities please contact Jon Green