Advanced General Class

Advanced General Gymnastics from 5 years old until 17 years old. This is a structured class with quali ed coaches and children, which parents are to view in the viewing areas or free to leave as long as we have an emergency contact number and you pick your child up on time.

This class is for children that have been with the club for at least 2 or more years and want the opportunity to progress their gymnastic skills and become more pro cient. This session is split into different age groups, days and times.

These classes require payment of monthly session fee and yearly membership fee (paid by direct debit). The classes have varying maximum numbers of children in each class but the ratio of 8:1
so if you are interested in one of these classes then please enquire with the relevant member of our coaching team (please refer to our Information Query Flow Chart) to nd out whether there is a space for your child.

To find out when this class takes place, take a look at our timetable.